Safe and Sound Homebound, LLC is dedicated to providing top quality assistance to seniors.


Transitional assistance

We understand that getting in and out of your home can be difficult for senior citizens or anyone after a medical procedure. With Safe and Sound Homebound, LLC, we will provide you with assistance getting inside or outside of your home, and ensure you are comfortably settled before we leave.

  • Assistance getting in and out of your home to or from dialysis, medical appointments, surgery procedures, hospital visits, a nursing home or any outpatient facility

  • We make sure you are fully settled before we leave and will assist you in setting up a tub bench or commode as needed

  • Assistance moving into an assisted living facility or nursing home - we will coordinate the entire process to ensure everything runs smoothly - acting as your liaison.

  • We can also train and prepare families for a patient's discharge home.

Bridging the gap between hospitalization and home

Safe and Sound Homebound, LLC will coordinate the care for patients or loved ones facing an advanced or life-limiting illness or hospice. Receive the home care support that you need to prepare. 

  • Our trained caregiver will focus on improving the quality of life for patients

  • We will coordinate the transition from curative care to palliative care through our sensitive, yet effective methods.

  • Utilizing our trained caregiver to bridge the gap will reduce trips to the hospital or emergency room, allowing for a more stable transition and will also provide the comfortability of being at home with loved ones.

Get the help you need

Respite care can help those caring for ill or disabled loved ones find the time to handle their own needs and responsibilities - because their quality of life matters too! Our trained caregivers offer temporary or emergency care for both children and adults battling illness or disability. 

  • Whether you need someone for an afternoon, or a few months, our respite program provides planned short-term and/or time-limited breaks.

  • Our trained medical professionals can provide care, companionship, help with personal mobility, bathing and personal hygiene, dementia care, special diets and meal preparation, light housekeeping and chores, and much more.


Call or text us at 857-939-0192 to schedule your services


We will confirm the date, time and location of service.


Our dedicated, trained caregiver will be there to help.

Call us 24/7! We are on stand-by for your needs.



Oreo, our therapy dog in training, is available to provide comfort, love and affection to people in hospitals, hospices, retirement homes, nursing homes and more.

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